Hide A Toy


  • A plush puzzle, which is both fun and stimulating
  • Soft but durable fabric
  • Soft outer with 3 squeaking animals
  • Replacement animals available
  • Available in Squirrels, Bees or Bird
  • Jumbo Squirrel in stock, other sizes may be ordered
  • Supervised Play

Jumbo: Approx 17.7cm (L) x 17.7cm (W) x 20.3cm (H)
Bee : Approx 19cm (H) 14cm (W) 14cm (D)
Bird: Approx 15cm (H) 14cm (W) 14cm (D)

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This is the toy version of your pup’s favorite pass-time…sniffing out a furry animal that is hiding! Just stuff the squeaky animals in the soft tree trunk, bird house or bee hive and watch your dog’s excitement as they find and pull them out one by one. Then you can stuff them back in and the game can go on again or hide a different toy for variety. With a soft feel and an engaging squeak this soft toy puzzle gets them thinking while having fun and is a big winner.

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