Welcome to Healing in Motion.

We come to you to provide Mobile Bowen therapy and health treatments for your pets and performance animals in Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland.

Our purpose is the holistic support of Body and Mind of your pets. We can treat dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and small domestic stock using a combination of soft tissue therapies (Bowen and Red Light). We also offer solutions to basic training problems with positive training techniques, natural treats and health products.

We specialise in relief of muscle spasm, arthritic pain and inflammation, stress and anxiety, recovery from soft tissue strains, post-operative wound healing, allergies, general illness and nerve damage.

Our Treatments

Natural, safe & effective
Gentle, non-invasive, non-manipulative
Complementary to Veterinary treatments
Enhance mobility & stamina
Support lymphatic system & immunity
Improve circulation
Assist emotional wellbeing

Improve your training time and have fun with your dog. Check out our range of quality, tough interactive toys to build a better relationship with your Canine partner.


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