What Can You Expect From a Consultation?

We believe that your pet should be as comfortable as possible and not pressured during our therapy. Time is taken for them us to introduce ourselves and after a gentle assessment treatment will progress according to the pet’s individual threshold and emotional limits.

Consultations include a discussion regarding medical history and general activity regime, including diet and exercise, a check of your pet’s range of mobility, movement and examination to evaluate areas of discomfort, structure and muscular condition. A full treatment plan will be discussed based on the results of the initial evaluation and before treatment begins. Any questions regarding the therapies are welcomed. You will be advised about changes to be expected after treatment and a management plan for rest, stretches or exercise to assist recovery.

Veterinary diagnosis is required for animals experiencing acute pain or symptoms of illness to establish the required treatment plan prior to arrangement of any complementary therapy.

Results are commonly seen after the first treatment which can often be maximised with one or more follow up treatments after a week. Performance animals, senior pets & anxious animals will benefit from improved well-being with a maintenance treatment program provided every 3-6 weeks.


Therapy appointments are available  Mon – Fri and Saturday Mornings by appointment

Mobile service for pets that are older or stressed by travel provides treatment at your home (Travel levy apply).

Fees as @  1st January, 2022 per consult.

Bowen/Red light Therapy 1 Dog/Cat Subsequent Dogs/Cats Senior
 Consultation at Rosebud $65.00 $60.00 $55.00
Consultation at Dogs Country Club Baxter $75.00 $70.00
Mobile Consult $75 * $70.00 * $70.00*

*Travel levy per booking – applies for mobile consultations based on Kms

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