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Training aids

I believe that your relationship with your pet should be based on positive reward reinforcement training and I have some products which may assist you in forming a positive partnership.

Clicker training and positive reward play training methods can turn things around when you are frustrated that your dog is destructive or bored and the results are undesirable.  Reinforcement of different choices using games and healthy treats will help to guide you dog to the desired behaviour and make you the most important thing in your Dog’s world.

Toys & Games

Dogs love to Play so Play back and build a strong team with great interactive toys!

Interactive toys are a great way to make training fun and build a better relationship with your dog. Bring more interesting playtime reward to your Dog’s training sessions and stimulate them with “Brain Games”.

Dog Bowls

Slow down your dog’s pace at meal times with bowls that make eating more of a challenge. Improves their digestion while stimulating their mind to problem solve.

Natural Treats

I believe that using positive reward training methods are a great way to reinforce the correct behaviour but should also be healthy for your dog. I recommend the use of good quality toys and tugs and treats made from Australian sourced fresh natural produce.

Natural Animal Solutions

Working with many animals suffering from joint and ligament issues I found a need to offer them an option to supplement what the body needs to keep joints and bones as healthy as possible. Having researched many options I chose the NAS products because I felt confident in the natural ingredients used.

Support your pet health with herbal supplements scientifically produced by a Naturopath at Natural Animal Solutions. Many conditions can be improved with natural remedies such as:

  • Joint and ligament heath
  • Allergies and itchy skin
  • Anxiety
  • General health and wellbeing


Products to help you to with positive interactive training techniques for great results.

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