Red Light (Photonic) Therapy

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red & Infrared light stimulates cells to trigger a chemical (ATP) signalling the brain to release endorphins, anti-inflammatories, serotonin and more. Improves cellular uptake of nutrients & elimination of toxins assists with reducing pain, swelling, infection & inflammation, while increasing relaxation & circulation.

What are the Benefits of Red Light Therapy?

  • Relaxes muscle tension & spasms
  • Increases antibody production & anti-viral responses
  • Increases Collagen production for stronger tendons, bones, skin & teeth
  • Reduces nervous tension
  • Improves healing of wounds
  • Assists with healing of tendon and ligament injuries
  • Assists with recovery from skin conditions
  • Reduces inflammation from arthritic joints
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage

How is Red Light Therapy Applied?

A therapy wrap with Red and Infra Red light bulbs imbedded in a pad can be wrapped around a limb for joint or tissue injuries or placed flat on the required part of the body such as the back, hip joint or neck. 3-5 minutes is all that is required per application for Dogs and cats with 10 to 15 mins for horses in large muscle areas.

A torch is used to apply the light to specific point on the body, most commonly an acupuncture trigger point to encourage the body’s healing mechanism. This is like needle-less acupuncture.

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