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Is your dog Suffering in Silence – Part 3 – Licking

Dogs normally lick to clean an area on their fur when they are wet or have an itch, but if your dog is constantly licking at one area then you should check to see what’s getting their attention. The skin can become red and swollen when excessively licked, and the cause needs to be diagnosed.

Is your Pet Suffering in Silence? – Part Two

In part two of this series we look at what causes panting and when it should be a cause for further investigation. Panting is a normal way for a dog to reduce its body temperature in hot weather or after exercise. It would be abnormal for breathing to be heavier and more labored than usual

Is your Pet Suffering in Silence? – Part One

  Our pets are very important to us, they bring companionship, joy and love into our lives. They are our family members, and in many cases, our only significant other. The majority of pet owners seek to provide everything their beloved fur-kids need to keep them comfortable and healthy, ensuring they live long and happy

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